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Calling Facebook friends

Seriously, blogging is a whole engaging fine art. There's nothing like it. It is difficult to engage bloggers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media hangouts because blogging allows them to do networking (and also do those things like tweeting minute-to-minute updates about their non happening lives, or tagging and re-tagging on crowded Facebook walls).

Keeping a blog (or blogs) going seems enough (not everyone's a procrastinator like me:P ask Jalal HB). On the other hands, Facebook is no more for students only, nor is it for friends and family only. Facebook has already become a market place to do business and engage people in related commercial activities. At best it is brings together common interests or like minded people. It is in this milieu that I am  explaining what friends can do for bloggers and calling my friends  on social media sites, to do, in addition to what they do already do on Facebook.

Bloggers mostly have their blogs on FB’s NetworkedBlogs, one of the best blog networks after Technorati suspended their popular network that used to give ranking also. Bloggers mostly spend all their time on blogging and syndicate blog contents on Facebook. Those bloggers who have not claimed their blog yet on NetworkedBlogs must do so now. I can see this becoming a measure of blog popularity soon. Ask friends at Facebook to follow blogs that interest them. Similarly, most bloggers have created fan pages for their blogs. Ask friends to visit blogs fan page and ‘like’ them.

I ask my Facebook friends to follow my blogs (Light Within, Logic is Variable, Doodh Patti) and Like Light Within, Logic is Variable, Doodh Patti pages. What else are friends for?

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ 7:15 PM,


At 11:21:00 AM, Blogger jalalHB said...

I am getting into the world of NetworkBlogging - hope to find it a good experience.

At 11:43:00 PM, Anonymous Kausar Bilal said...

Nice!!! Really what are friends for if they can't spare a couple of minutes and comment...I agree with your stance on fb that it's more like a business place rather than just socialization...Am experiencing it these days...


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