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Happy Eid-e-Ghadeer


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Welcome Class of 2015

It is happening now and I am there!


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Pak-US Relations in the Changing Regional Political Scenario with Particular Reference to India

Seminar on "Pak-US Relations in the Changing Regional Political Scenario with Particular Reference to India" was held in University of Gujrat December 29, 2010.

South Asia is expanding politically. Regional states by following the principle of coexistence can promote their economies and develop Asia a peaceful region of the world.

“Pakistan has been playing a significant role while fighting against terrorism. This war is being fought to give a peaceful human loving environment to the worldly nations. Pakistan is facing a challenge of religious extremism. National interest is obligatory in the world affairs. Ground realities must be kept under the prime consideration while evolving foreign policy dealing with India. Pakistan must engage masses for attitude change. Perceptions should be given pragmatic orientation while thinking about other nations. Foreign policy should be evolved while keeping in view the people’s opinion. This can led to refrain from the establishment’s dictated foreign policy. To bring attitude change among masses, centers of higher learning should start working on giving the country a public policy,” said Barrister Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan while addressing the Seminar.

Earlier the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Nizamuddin welcomed the guests and explained the significance of the seminar. The VC said that Pakistan is in dire need of the research based data for any public issue. The centers of learning should focus the education, health and foreign policy sectors and help the state in evolving research based public policies. He stressed that academia in Pakistan to help government.

Former Foreign Secretary Shamshad Ahmad Khan in his address said that unfortunately Pakistan’s foreign policy has remained reflective of our ruling elite. He stressed the present administration for evolving foreign policy in consonance with the national geo political and economic interests. He suggested development of an atmosphere of internal cohesion and consolidation for evolving effective and respectful stance in the community of nations.

Chairman Pak China Institute, Mr. Mushahid Hussain Syed said on the occasion that Pakistan has diverse options to deal with the foreign affairs in the contemporary regional scenario. He stressed to engage the people’s perceptions in foreign relations. He also referred to various outcomes of the recent visit of Chinese premier. He said that the agreements signed with the China will help Pakistan in economic and energy sectors.

The Vice Chancellor Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar, Prof Dr Nasir Ali Khan also addressed the seminar. He said that the economic aspect has become leading factor in determining the foundations of the foreign policy. Dr Nasir Ali explained various options while taking diverse measure for promoting economic benefits of the country.

Former Ambassador Iqbal Ahmad Khan was among the panelists of the seminar who explained the diplomatic proceedings of Pak-US relations in historical context. Prof Dr Saeed Shaqat from FC University Lahore also addressed the seminar. He threw light on the salient aspects of the foreign policy of Pakistan. Panelists’ discussions followed a detailed question answer session.

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Vote for my blog at Pakistan Blog Award 2011

Set aside the usual blogosphere buzz, rabid trolls, rants and ramblings and you will notice that the Pakistan blogosphere has matured into a wider and more dynamic community. Associated with blogging since it started in Pakistan, I have gladly followed the rise. Given my personal love for those who have been doing a good job blogging different subject and addicting the local context and content online, I have been pointing out top Pakistan blogs, bloggers and the post every year at this blog. It is such a difficult task to sift through the burgeoning Pakistani blogsphere and pick out the best.

Thanks to CIO Pakistan, IDG got together with Google Pakistan that they launched the Annual Pakistan Blog Awards in 2010. The award has become an annual feature and all Pakistani bloggers and readers to look forward to. This year, blogs related to Pakistan either through the topic, language or audience can context in Pakistan Blog Award 2011. The theme for 2011 is “Colors of Pakistan: Celebrating the New Media Spaces” and it aptly shows on the blog award site. Nomination will close by Monday morning (November 21, 2011). Voting will continue through November 25, 2011.

Lahore School Blog has been nominated here. Show your support for the blog by voting, rating and or leaving comments. Look for golden little star and click on the last one. Your vote is done. Check the image below for more help. Also leave your comments at the bottom of the page. Your comment and feedback matters a great deal.

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This article appeared in monthly Techno Biz Magazine

Use of social media applications is being debated across the World Wide Web. Fans support the usage of tools like Blog, tweet, Facebook to break down barriers between businesses, public servants and ordinary people to discuss ideas and gather feedback. Trend watchers and analysts still see the social media tools as time wasting diversions. It is in this milieu that in the attention age, we need to look at the fast growing social media usage in our own, still low tech, corporate and public sectors.

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Vote for Lahore School Blog

Lahore School of Economics blog has been nominated in annual Pakistan Blog Award 2011. Voting is on! Readers of Lahore School Blog to please vote here. You can rate the blog (golden little stars for rating and voting are under the top line). Better still, please comment and show your support for the leading education blog in Pakistan that is also one of the oldest in the country. It started in 2004 when the word blog was less known. It is Colors of Pakistan : Celebrating The New Media Spaces continuously ever since and has been a source of motivation for many young scholars of the Lahore School to start their own blogs. The voting is open throughout till the December 5, 2011.

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