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Madame Bovary's France

In 1866, Gustave Flaubert - famous French Writer of his time -- wrote Madame Bovary and called it one of his best writings. There was a definite perception about freedom of expression and about what is obscene and what is not. It was due to that societal sensitivity that novel Madame Bovary was declared immoral and Flaubert charged.

The prosecution attorney logically presented his case and told the court that Flaubert has violated the French literary traditions (What was novel writing before Flaubert? Actually, it was very much like the flowery novels that Emma Bovary (the heroin) feeds on -- Victorian in the high-flown ideals of romantic love and perhaps not too far off from the Harlequin Romances of today's marketplace, but without the sexual innuendo). Madam Bovary does not represent women; her disenchantments are appalling. Flaubert has let a wolf lose in our society that is seen dissecting its fibbers. The Judge and other audiences in the court, who had all read the novel, were mesmerized by noble arguments attorney had offered with deep concern.
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Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch at Lahore School

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Aaj Ke Naam

The launch ceremony of ‘Aaj Ke Naam’ – a compilation of English translation of poems by legendary poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz – was held at Alhamra on Friday.

The poems have been translated by Shoaib Hashmi and the book has been launched on the occasion of Faiz’s 99th birthday and published by Faiz Centennial Publication.

The ceremony was conducted in an innovative manner. Noorul Hassan would recite one poem in Urdu and then Nadia Jameel would recite it in English. Between the recitations, people shared their views on the book and their memories of Faiz.
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Where I Get My Supply of Salageet (Shilajit)

Some places are so peaceful and unspoiled that it is almost unbelievable. One such locality is the picturesque, tranquil and pollution free (and undeveloped) boarder village Arrandu in district Chitral. The very sound of the name is musical. This village is located 'on' the Pakistan Afghanistan boarder. Dir-Chitral Road bifurcates near village Mir Khanni and a jeep able track along Kunar River leads to Arrandu through Domail Nisar and onwards into Afghanistan.

Gateway to the South Asia, the Chitral valley has been center of activity since ancient times. Macedonians advanced through this region in fourth century. In 1338, Timur subdued the area on his way to the plains of Punjab. Mughal King Akbar garrisoned here in 1587 and the British in 1897 in Chakdara on Dir side of Lowari Pass. Among soldiers who served here in Chakdara then was young Winston Churchill who later became Prime Minister of Britain. So far about the past importance of the valley but the little hamlet got the international fame during Soviet occupation in Afghanistan. It remained in the news and was commonly called as 'BBC Baby'.
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Water crises

By Rao Dilshad Hussain

With the induction of 69 new tube wells the number of tube wells across Lahore has risen to 450. As a result the water supply has improved and the lurking crisis of water shortage is over. Last few summers were tough as the government had to face demonstrations of people and even riots due to shortage of clean water and electricity. This year half of the problem is at least solved. New tube wells are pumping water around the clock.

In the Walled City people could be seen standing in long queues for hours to fetch water. Often quarrels broke out when people brought too many buckets with them or tried to bypass the queue to get water. The situation was getting worse. There were frequent eruptions of riots at several places in the city.
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Plant a Flower Day, Every Day

Flowers surely bring people together. Blossoms can fuel a flaming passion, calm a raging jealousy, comfort a living being or earn a living. Presenting flowers is a romantic social folkway. Aside from romantic and literary delights, there is commerce in flowers too.

The town of Patoki is one of the most famous places in Pakistan for growing flowers. The town has one of the biggest clusters of flower, fruit and decorative plant nurseries in the country. Growing flowers and tree plants and selling is a major business concern in this sleepy town situated in the suburbs of Lahore.
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Congratulations to Men at Their Best

55 PMA rising to more stars.

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