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Mohammad Muzaffar Ali

Pakistani Siyasat Ke Raazdan Sahafi [Safdar Mir se Hamid Mir Tak] - a book by Mohammad Muzaffar Ali (MMA), the initiator and co-founder of SPARC (Society for the Promotion of Art and Culture) and an inspiration for a whole generation of journalists.

Despite of all the stress of his journalistic tasks, he was always available for events and special projects together with his colleague Anees Yaqub and other members of the SPARC team. What MMA accomplished during his lifetime will always remain as a beacon light for us.

Consisting of interviews with the journalists who are usually the eye witness of history being written, this book is a very comprehensive record of  events, many of them unpublished,  covering the eventful era of 70s and 80s.

Available at Ahmed Publications, Malik Building, 19-A-1, Abbot Road, Lahore


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