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Fly by Arik

Travelling is a need, lifestyle and a way of life. Best thing is that needs to travel are growing in direct proportion with increase in human activities like business, pleasure and or leisure. This growth has given birth to demand driven travel services that facilitate travelers and help you travel in style, get tickets, save money on airfares at different destinations around the world.
Arik Air is proud to offer the service on maximum number of flights on almost any route in Africa. With Arik commuting to and from Africa will be like going next doors. Air Airk fleet of aircrafts consists of international make airplanes including a number of renowned Booing and Air Buses. Not only that, we offer lowest fare, luxury and comfort to each and every passenger. In addition, we also offer many discounts to make travelling in class even cheaper. We keep announcing different deals on our website.
Have a look our neatly laid out and uncluttered website and see what we offer and how. Navigation is utterly easy and you can get any information you need. If you still have a question, feel free call or email us (0207 183 0392) now for our flight schedules, bookings or anything else you might like to know and our top of the line customers service staff will always be pleased to serve you. You are always welcome on board at Arik.

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