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Celebrating Abbas Khan – a great story writer

Abbas Khan is one of the moist celebrated story writers of our time. His other published work includes three novels and seven short story books (Zakham Gawah Hain, Tu Aur Tu and Mein Aur Umrao Jan Ada (novels), Dharti Binam Akash, Tensikh-e-Insan, Qalam, Kursi Aur Wardi, Us Adalat Men, Jism Ka Johar (short story books) and Reza Reza Keenat and Pal Pal (afsancha -- shortest story books) and a philosophical compilation Din Mein Charagh.

Though there are many in Pakistan, both in English and Urdu languages, with claims to be masters of the fiction writing, what makes Abbas Khan the standout by a distance is that his is no ordinary story writing. One only calls it such as a matter of convenience, or perhaps for wan of an expression capable of summing up his piece in one work. In effect, what Abbas Khan gives you is substance that goes far beyond a fiction piece, for he just doesn’t write about social issues and society. Each of his story is a free flowing specimen, with most knowledgeable description of dreams, wishes, culture, vision and yes, love woven into the story - and in language that is fluent and crisp, and also at places containing a fair dose of humor and sarcasm. The work that he presents turns most of his work into literary masterpieces.

Which is he is being celebrated by two of most prestigious Urdu publications: Shair Monthly Mumbai, India is publishing a special number on Abbas Khan. Another publication Sabaq-e-Urdu Monthly, Bhadohi, India is also publishing Abbas Khan Special.

Living in Guja Basti (near Bhakar) in the backwaters of Punjab, Abbas Khan last published book is Pal Pal. He has completed another shortest storybook (afsanche) Sitaroon Ki Bastiyan.

I have the pleasure to translate the book into English while the Urdu version goes to the press.

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