Logic is Variable

an argument starts here


My Abode

I don’t live in hell of this world.
Then where you live?
In my thoughts.

Approach to acceptance

No doubt you love the girl but she doesn’t listen to anyone. How did you succeed in winning her over?
I asked her to hate me, treat me real bad instead.
Because she has destroyed me; made me worthless. All the time I keep thinking of  dreaming about her. I want to get rid of this miserable condition I am in. I have so much to do in life. May be I will get back to normal if she behaves badly with me.
Did she do accept your request?
No. She accepted me instead.

Net result

No one comes to my rescue in sadness, hopelessness. Assurance by religion, society, family and friends, strength of the wealth, countless mediums of attractions all fail.
What happens to you then?
Sadness, hopelessness pass by thinking this person is totally powerless.

Short stories from Sitaroon Ki Bastiyan by Abbas Khan

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At 3:32:00 PM, Blogger Asma said...

nicee....seems afsantche are mazaydarr

At 10:15:00 PM, Blogger Talha said...

I liked Approach part. great post :)


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