Logic is Variable

an argument starts here

Life is a continuous grind

Allah Almighty
How did you recognize Allah Almighty?
By the success of my own plans!

Who is unwise
What will happen next, an old lady asked his prophet in ancient times?
The world will come to an end, the prophet replied.
Will this world remain as it is till the end comes, old lady inquired?
No, it will keep changing constantly. People these days have long lives, live in simple houses, travel on animals (donkey, horse, camel). Next generations will live in multistory garish homes, will travel by air and will be able to speak to those living anywhere in the world. They will have short span of lives, though.
How long will they live, old lady continued curiously.
Something plus minus six decades, the prophet replied.
Those people will be very foolish, old lady mumbled.
Old lady was very unwise, commented a professor who was listening to this tale.
Why? What?
Now she keep thinking who is really unwise commented a professor.

Bravest of All
“Brave is the person who remembers Allah Karim despite having every worldly attraction in abundance.”
This axiom was written on the outer side of the back wall of a mosque. After a few days, someone added, “Brave is the person who remembers Allah despite being poor.”
Next day someone wrote, “Do please tell who is the bravest out of the two.”
There has been no addition after that.

A Man of all Ages
Who is he?
The one who has just came out of the latest model car and is walking along with his beautiful wife and kids to the high end shopping mall; wearing very costly outfit, supporting diamond ring and latest mobile handset.
He is the man of modern times.
Oh, then he is a man of all times.

Continuous grind
Why is he depressed?
Because he is wise!
Are wise always depressed?
You know life is a continuous grind. It keeps crushing bigger things whereas smaller one escape unnoticed.

Other side
Why have you been researching and writing about Farhad all you life whereas there are so many other notables like him?
Because Farhad represent lives of 95 percent of people!
Keep cutting the mountains only to fine that there is no other side?

You keep propagating importance of Islamic justice all the time. Is Islamic justice better than the British system in vogue these days?
Yes. Justice and its immediate provision can be insured by Islamic system.
What you mean?
Process is important in the British system whereas in Islamic system it is the judge who is valued.

Where are you going?
To the Market!
But you seem to be heading to the courts?
Yes, I need to appoint an advocate?

Early to Rise
How to achieve proximity of Allah?
By living as per one verse!
Which one?
Rat ke pichle pehroon mein ik doulat batti howat hey
Jo jagat he who pawat he jo sowat he who khowat he
(Wealth is distributed in early hours of the morning. Those who are awake get their share whereas those who are sleeping lose the chance).

“Tell me what you think about the life of this flower,” a person asked different people around.
To me it is a sign of beauty, replied one.
I like this flower for its fragrance, added another.
I am absorbed in its color, opined the gardener.
This flower is best to make paste to treat the patients, argued a pharmacist.
How come everyone is thinking about the same flower differently?
Yes, that is the case in this world. 

Translated from Sitaroon Ki Bastiyan by Abbas Khan

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