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Most people on the Internet are lonely. Go to any social media network and you will find that. Let me hasten to add that social media networks are also being used meaningfully for cashing in their social capital. Different channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google + are helping businesses to promote their products and services online not only by staying in front of interested segments but also by interaction that has been made so easy. More than that people are finding soul mates, companion and friends that then turn into extended family.

Look beyond eCommerce and you will find the real jingle. Go to your facebook and make yourself available for chat and you will have windows popping up with the messages like hi, hello, I like you (also I love you), are you free for a chat, ASL and even worst, mughe se dosti karo gey, from complete strangers. Be courteous and nice and you are in for a long haul. But facebook is much more than that.

Last week I had a wonderful experience when one of my facebook friends Nayyar Julian came to call on me. We spent some time together discussing variety of subjects from facebook to his day job. He is such a wonderful person; likeable, easy to talk and caring. Professionally, he is a qualified health technician who knows his job very well. All the time he was advising me on different health issues and giving useful tips for healthy lifestyle. I enjoyed being with him.

I look forward to seeing him more frequently as he has shifted to Lahore.


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At 5:34:00 PM, Blogger Nayyar Julian said...

First of bundle of thanks Uncle and its really honour for when i contact with u through this social website iam really thank full and lucky i found a most loving good person u uncle.And i really like ur hospitality.This day is really memorable and unforgetable day in my life Uncle ........GOD BLESS U


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