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Prof Dr Asi Karnali 1927 – 2011

Prof Dr Asi Karnali was the first person who I had the privilege to meet and learn a lot when I was in Multan back in 1992. He was the soul (and a living encyclopedia) of literary landscape of Multan – a very literary city. Personally, Asi Karnali taught me the mechanics of Inshaya and encouraged me to write (Helmet ke nechee) every week in Nawa-e-Waqat. He was kind to write preface of my book Reet Pe Tehreer. I still remember countless meeting in literary congregations and at his home, where his writer wife Samar Bano Hashmi (another very kind and loving person), and poet sons would also join in our discussions I call my leaning sessions. He lived a very active life till the end.

Dr Asi Karnali’s Thesis “Persian poetic traditions influence on Urdu Hamd And Naat” is a great contribution in the field of Urdu poetry. Writer of 19 books (including 11 poetry books), Dr Karnali  was conferred upon President’s Pride of Performance Award on his book Naatoon ke Ghulab.

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