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Article on telecommuting appeared in Spider.tm

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I actually made this comment on another blog that had a link to this article. In retrospect, I think it is more appropriate that the comment should have been posted here.
As someone who has been telecommuting off an on for the past 19 years, all I can say is that there is really a lot more to telecommuting than meets the eye. There are a number of issues that need to be addressed first before telecommuting may be feasible. First: not all types of work is amenable to telecommuting. Only those types of jobs are "telecommutable" in which accountability is transparent i.e. the employer is able to "see" what the employee is doing at all times. Second, the work is "quantifiable" i.e. employee output can be measured and assessed at any given moment (issues related to metrics). Third, (and the most cumbersome factor), there must be some modicum of trust between the employer and the employee i.e. that the employee is actually working and not watching TV soap operas! Fourth: employee must be able to demonstrate to the employer that there is a distinct advantage TO THE EMPLOYER if the employee is allowed to work from home (this is often NOT easy). There are a number of other issues as well, but, essentially, it is easier said than done!


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