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Adh Pachadhe Sufnay

Those readers who have read “Adhey Adhoorey khuwab” by Dr. Shahid Sidique are familiar with the novel already. Now this story of a professional leadership and on the other hand a narrative of contemporary social crisis have been translated in Punjabi by Qaisra Riaz Jaswal. If the book has the ability to compel readers to read it from cover to covaer, its Punjabi translation Adh Pachadhe Sufnay will do this ven more.

Teachers as critical thinkers and education as a source of building nations is explained by Dr. Shahid Siddiqui in a unique way. Dr. Siddiqui has portrayed teacher and teaching in an artistic manner. He has characterized a teacher as a real hero in all terms. But developing a heroic characterization he has not let go the piousness of this sacred profession. The goal oriented and visionary approach of teaching is not only depicted in one main character but also with reference to great researchers and educators. Qaisra Riaz Jaswal has captured and delivered the essence in Punjabi.

This is a unique piece of writing specifically in the context of Urdu literature. Such thematic writing is no where around us anymore and not at all in Punjabi language. Education, teaching and teachers are never addressed in this manner. A traditional view of a teacher is witnessed if ever. But viewing teaching and teachers as such strong elements in social structure is not very common. Teachers in Pakistani society have a crucial role to play as they can form a very effective pressure group for bringing a change mainly in the rural areas; where the uneducated population trusts them as saviors. Dr. Siddiqui has enabled the readers to identify this strength of teachers and has given a stimulus to people like myself who believe that teachers can be the best change agents. By translating the book in Punjabi, Qaisra Riaz Jaswal has prepatuated what Dr. Shahid has concieved and written in his book.

Half of the Qaisra Riaz Jaswal's translation has appeared in monthly Punjabi magazine Pancham. The other half will appear next month followed by a publication in the book form.

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ 1:05 PM,


At 1:52:00 PM, Blogger raj bhatti said...

congrats to MS QAISRA RIAZ JASWAL for her excellent work & also congrats to Mr. SHAHID SIDDIQEE for his great book.

At 12:52:00 PM, Anonymous dailyaman said...

hat of salute to this unique piece of writing on students and teacher`s relations.

At 12:55:00 PM, Blogger zawar hussain comrade said...

hat off salute to this unique piece of writing for the relation of teacher and students.


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