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Poor layout and unreadable design of Urdu newspapers

Overwhelming majority of newspaper readers in our country reads Urdu newspapers. Which is why there are so many Urdu newspapers are printed and circulated. Some of Pakistani newspapers have largest circulation around the world.

Why are Urdu newspapers poorly designed, have messy layout and lack quality reading material? Pick up a leading Urdu newspaper on Sunday and what you will find is advertisement, that too poorly laid out and nothing else. So much so, I have seen just a headline on the front page and rest of the space taken up by ads. The inner pages are so cluttered and jam packed with uncategorized ads that it becomes difficult to fine where is your favorite column by Munnu Bahi or where is an opinion piece by Dr. Irfan Siddiquie. Even the Sunday magazines that accompany the newspapers are full of unrelated crap, unattractive imagery and lack of design element. It seems that Urdu newspapers have not changed with time. I know that all publishing houses are using computers but they are not utilizing them as computers are being utilized in English newspapers.

I know that no newspapers can survive without advertisements. What I am surprised about is that don’t the editors and graphic designers arrange then aesthetically so that readers can actually red the newspapers as well.

I am an Urdu newspaper reader. Almost all  Urdu papers are still part of  a pile that sits on my  side table on each Sunday. I wish, one day, I can pick up a paper and read through conveniently. May be the readers have to play the role to bring the change.

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ 8:22 AM,


At 8:30:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ap ne Buhat eham nuktay ki nisahn dehi ki hai.haqeeqat ye hai keh barey urdu Akhbarat k malkaan karoron Rs kamatay hain magar Sahafion aur Degar shobon k afrad ko munasib Tankhuain nahin detay .jab acchay log hi nahin aain ge tou behtary kahan se aai gi so ye sab makhi pe makhi mar rahay hain,kion k es haal main bhi en ki panchon ghee main hain


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