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Population Census and Pakistan`s Development

Reliable data can make a difference, and the key is to collect, analyze and disseminate data in a way that drives good decision making. The numbers that emerge from data collection can illuminate important trends. It is the censuses, surveys and vital statistics initiatives which provide critical data to guide plans, policies and programmes to meet people’s needs and improve their lives”. UNFPA will continue its efforts to support the Government of Pakistan in raising awareness about the importance of the forthcoming population and housing census in Pakistan, said Mr Rabbi Royan, Senior Technical Adviser, UNFPA while concluding a provincial-level seminar on “Population Census and Pakistan’s Development” organized jointly the UNFPA and The University of Gujrat in a local hotel at Lahore.

While opening the seminar proceedings the Vice Chancellor University of Gujrat Prof Dr Muhammad Nizamuddin remarked that there is a strong need to advocate for integration of population issues into provincial development planning processes, policies and programs. Others challenges faced by the provinces include understanding of why reliable data is so crucial to human development including humanitarian initiatives. The seminars at the three other provincial capitals will help highlight need to conduct the sixth Population Census as early as possible and therefore the need to solicit support of provincial authorities”.

Dr Nizam further said that there is a dire need to undertake advocacy and sensitization activities for policymakers and planners to ensure that there is a sustained understanding.

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