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Logic is Variable - Lahore School Debating Championship

The Lahore School of Economic Association of Debaters is holding its sixth annual Lahore School Debate this week (February 3 - 7, 2012). Theme of the debates this year is Logic is Variable. Teams from 40 schools and 15 universities from across the country have gathered at the Lahore School Burki campus to compete in categories of English Parliamentary, Urdu Parliamentary and Declamations. Enthralling debates on wide spanning topics which addressed numerous pertinent issues such as religious intolerance, third world disparity and culture among many others are being debated during the week.

The declamation contest ended on a high note on Sunday with PAF Risalpur and UET capturing individual prizes and the Government College University bagging the team trophy. The parliamentary section of the tournament continues. Teams from LUMS, UCL, LGS Paragon, LGS Defense and LACAS will contest for semi finals and finals.

On the sidelines of debates, there were formal dinner and performances from a percussionist band and a Sufi troupe.

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