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Effective Test Item Construction Techniques

Higher Education Commission and National Testing Service Pakistan organized Fourth Workshop (first ever in Punjab) on very important area of “Effective Test Item Construction Techniques." Such workshops provide an opportunity to the faculty to share and learn from one another’s knowledge, expertise, experience and skills.

Pakistan‘s transition to a middle income economy is critically dependent on the scale and performance of its tertiary education sector and performance that is quality and standards as per international parameters which is pre requisite for our international standing. Institutions of Higher Education have a leading role in this transition through the production of skilled, innovative and enterprising knowledge.

Efforts of HEC have resulted in revolutionary changes in higher education sector throughout the country within last few years. Now Pakistan s’ degrees are being recognized throughout the world and Pakistani universities are now ranked in top 500 universities. But still we have a long way to go in this important sector. Universities should produce such graduates who may also be a good citizen through upholding the values of tolerance, peace and respect for rights of other citizens. Therefore, I strongly recommend that Civic Education may be introduced at all level of education.

The research at universities should focus on the issues and problems of direct relevance to the socio economic development of the country and build the economy by pioneering the commercialization of innovative ideas, products, and processes resulting from research work. Inter disciplinary and inter university collaborations within and outside the country, can be greatly helpful in this regard. Last year, it was great matter of pleasure and proud witnessing the outcome and products of higher educational institutions of the country in a showcase conference organized by Higher Education Commission at Islamabad.

Universities have a leadership role to play in society. They must nurture close relationship with their local community, industry and organizations employing their graduates.

Governance of universities must reflect the principles of merit, efficiency and transparency. This however comes when admissions, recruitments and promotions are done on merit and with great transparency. I believe that standardized testing being done by NTS is a step towards the promotion of merit, and transparency in education system which needs to be followed by other sectors. This will also lead towards good governance.

Caption: VC UOG Prof Dr. Muhammad Nizamuddin and other participants with Governor Punjab

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