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What really matters online

In this attention age, everyone, geek or no geek, spends a lot of time online; [supposed to be] working.

Imagine this. You start your online time with an aim to write a project report that was due last week or to write a blog post you have been thinking (researching) for some time to keep your blog alive. You write your talking points and open your browsers window only to confirm some latest fact and here you go. May be you go to gmail check your inbox, have a look at latest cricket world cup score, see who else has liked your old image on Facebook, also refresh twitter and so on. Result: you end up spending some good part of your working time doing nothing on what you had started.

And when you realize that you have wasted enough time, an old buddy comes up online and give you a shout. You start a chat just to update quickly and then you forget about time flying by.

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