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Sitaroon Ki Bastiyan

Celebrated writer of our time, Abbas Khan has written three novels and seven short story books (Zakham Gawah Hain, Tu Aur Tu and Mein Aur Umrao Jan Ada (novels), Dharti Binam Akash, Tensikh-e-Insan, Qalam, Kursi Aur Wardi, Us Adalat Men, Jism Ka Johar (short story books) and Reza Reza Kaenat and Pal Pal (afsancha -- shortest story books) and a philosophical compilation Din Mein Charagh.

Abbas Khan says that the world is shrinking fast. In this fast attention age, people don’t find time to read (sigh). There are so many interests like TV, Film, Internet and do much more to keep them engaged. Less and less people are reading fiction (novels and afsana). I have resorted to shortest story writing (afsancha) in an effort to get people to reading very small stories.

Writer of eleven books, Abbas Khan has already two shortest story book (Reza Reza Kaenat, Pal Pal). Wrting short and conveying strong is much more difficult and Abbas Khan say, “I am trying to keep the story writing alive with my shortest stories.”

I will translate the book into English and publish it here while the Urdu version goes to the press. Stay tuned, I will soon start posting the short stories Sitaroon Ki Bastiyan.


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