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Aaj Ke Naam

The launch ceremony of ‘Aaj Ke Naam’ – a compilation of English translation of poems by legendary poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz – was held at Alhamra on Friday.

The poems have been translated by Shoaib Hashmi and the book has been launched on the occasion of Faiz’s 99th birthday and published by Faiz Centennial Publication.

The ceremony was conducted in an innovative manner. Noorul Hassan would recite one poem in Urdu and then Nadia Jameel would recite it in English. Between the recitations, people shared their views on the book and their memories of Faiz.

Speaking on the occasion, Khaled Ahmed said something he learnt from Shoaib Hashmi and which distinguished Hashmi from others was that he did not have a sense of competition. He said Hashmi had achieved a lot in his life and that too without competing with anyone.

Ahmed said Hashmi looked natural when he laughed but looked artificial when he became angry. He said Faiz was born in an era that was dominated by another great poet, however, Faiz could not be ignored. He said Faiz’s poetry encompassed feminine beauty, adding women’s ability to endure pain was far greater than men. He said it was natural for Faiz and Shoaib to unite, adding both of them advocated the idea that progress could not be achieved through competition. Ahmed also appreciated Hashmi’s translations.

Lahore School of Economics Rector Dr Shahid Amjad said working with Hashmi had been a pleasure, adding that he had a multi-dimensional personality and he instilled soul in the school. He said Hashmi is a man of courage and integrity, adding that his translations of Faiz’s poems were apt and befitting.

Noted writer, humorist and poet Farooq Qaiser – one of Hashmi’s students – said Hashmi’s personality was a combination of masculine beauty and intelligence. He said Hashmi was one of the few teachers who actually listened to their students. Recalling the old days, Qasier said Faiz and Hashmi both encouraged and listened to the ideas of their juniors.

Arshad Mahmood, noted musician and another one of Hashmi’s students, said the translations of Faiz’s poems were quite befitting. He thanked Hashmi for guiding him, among several others, throughout their careers.

On the request of Salima Hashmi, Vidya Shah, rights activists and singer, recited one of Faiz’s poems. Earlier, a documentary on Faiz Ghar was screened and the youth were urged to become its members to promote Faiz’s ideas. - Daily Times

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At 11:33:00 AM, Blogger jalalHB said...

He was a poet to reckon with - thanks for sharing this


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