Logic is Variable

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To my surprise

“Education has broadened the vision. Democracy has advanced equality. Human rights have increased the human value. Most of all, the world has become a global village. Western liberties are finding their way in the east. And all these developments suggest that I will be able to reach the zenith on the basis of sheer hard work.”
I kept looking at him while hearing his arguments and before I could say something, train arrived; my friend boarded it and went off.

We happened to meet after many years and the amazement I had turned into belief that he was right what he said years ago.

“You move with time. You have achieved what you wanted,” I said.

“No. No. Whatever I had thought was totally wrong,” my friend replied with a sigh.

“What you mean,” I ask surprisingly.

“Basis of success is still money,” he told me sheepishly.

“But where you got the money from,” I asked.

“Through crimes,” he added to my surprise.

And before I could ask his the details entourage of his protocol staff arrived and took him off  in a hurry.

I am still surprised.

Remember Allah

When you remember Allah Karim?

When I am happy! I consider being happy is his blessing and I am filled with passions of thanksgiving.

People think they remember Allah most during difficult times.

I don’t think so. I believe Allah is to remember me during difficult times.

At war with myself

You seem to be doing odd thing all the time – sitting in sun and avoiding cold water during summers, sitting in shad and having chilled water in winters, keeping awake during nights, eating less and walking the streets despite having the facility of transport. Everyone else goes to gardens whereas you go for wilderness.

I am all right. Only I am at war with myself.

What for?

To conquer myself!

What will you achieve by this?

I will be able to get what I want done by myself – creation of a new world.

Translated from Sitaroon Ki Bastiyan by Abbas Khan

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