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My Cursive Writing

Like his father, Muhammad Jamal Muhsin is an accomplished calligrapher, and in addition to creating beautiful calligraphy, is contributing to promote and teach centuries old art of calligraphy including.

Jamal Muhsin’s father, Ibne Kaleem Ahsan Nizami and his brother Hamid Iqbal are all celebrated calligraphers. Ibne Kaleem has the singular distinction in the field of calligraphy. He created a new Khatt (writing style), Khatt-e-Ra'ana in calligraphy after a gap of 700 years. This is the great addition of its own kind and has opened up the new avenues of learning for calligraphy students, in times to come. Jamal Muhsin himself is teaching handwriting for last 25 years.

Jamal Muhsin has penned down two practical exercise books titled My Cursive Writing (Book I and Book II both for English handwriting) for the students of calligraphy and also for those who want to improve their hand writing. Adopting step-by-step approach of explained in My Cursive Writing anyone can learn and improve hand writing.

Jamal Muhsin has made it easy for the students by using pointed techniques with directions in explaining dimensions of the alphabets that not only help students at all levels but assist teachers as well.
I suggest all those interested in fine art of calligraphy must have these books and try them and learn the fading fine art.

Contact Muhammad Jamal Muhsin:
Phone: +92-21-36041491
Cell # : +92-300-3520039
Cell # : +92-321-2636749
Email: info@handwriting.pk
Email: Jamal@handwriting.pk
Email: ibnekaleem@handwriting.pk

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