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On load shedding

We in Pakistan are having load shedding; worst ever. You have to live here to understand that.

Industry and corporate sector is facing the brunt and production is declining. But this is about the plight of a common people.

Light is out most of the time. I come back after days work around 4 PM. From then on, light is out from 5 to 6 PM, 11 to 12 PM, 5 to 5 AM, and 7 to 8 AM. You can just imagine. Imagine a person plans to go to shop in Liberty and when he reaches there finds the lights shut. On inquiry he is told that Load shedding timing has changed. Person either waits or buys from shops with generators on much more cost or waits. In case one opts to wait, the person has to loiter around in humid crowd of people; no place to sit and wait in comfort. Ok, on returns one finds that light is out in residential district.

Let us take a look at the public sector offices. Most of them don’t have generators or other UPS arrangements. You approach a concerned person for some job and he bit back, can’t you see there is no light. How can I find what you need (or want)? Come when light comes. That is that.

It is this scenario that people are living. Best advice is, “let us get used to this new life style.” What else.


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