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Annual Get Together - 2010

It was on April 17, 1975 when young boys who have been selected to join the Pakistan Military Academy came to Kakul (Abbotabad). Thirty five years is a long time and a lot has happened during these years; most of us have retired. Members of 55 PMA get together to celebrate the association and comradeship and to relive their memories whenever they can. Annual Get Together has become one of the best kept traditions.

Annual Get Together - 2010 was held on the bank of picturesque Rawal Lake Islamabad on the farther side of the Dam Spillway where serving and retired officers of 55 PMA Long Course (along with their families) got together and relived some of the joint past memories. Gathering was good including Tariq Khan from up north, Baqar Zaidi from Lahore and Aslam from Sothern Punjab. Like always, Jalall Hameed Bhatti has captured some of the moments with his camera. Here are a few of the images for those who were not there and for record sack.

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